We are passionate about being able to provide a platform to give people voice and influence over issues that directly affect them. This means our projects tend to support participants to create resources which we are keen to share and to be used by as many people as possible.

These resources are a great to use with individuals or groups as a way to start often very difficult conversations.


The (secret) life of young carers

The secret life of young carers

An animation exploring some of the issues young carers experience in their day to day lives.  This animation is applicable for all young people, parents and professionals working with young people.

A series of short films exploring Cyber Bullying

Behind The Screen

Feedback from the young people who took part in Behind The Screen

Exploring issues of Homosexuality and Transgender amongst young people

Films to come soon


Young People experiencing homelessness 

I Am Who I Am

Anti social behaviour amongst young people 



Living with autism, aspergers and/or dispraxia 

The Hidden Disability

Domestic Abuse