All children should have access to creative and cultural experiences

Creativity for Change and Wayne Sables Project have a successful track record of working together to provide programmes for schools that put the 5 ways to wellbeing, at the centre of learning and development.

Through our FREE bespoke creative programmes which can include film, photography, new media, theatre, dance, music, poetry and creative writing, we support the 5 ways to wellbeing in the following ways:

Connect – working as a team and making new friends; developing better communication through talking, listening, writing and performing; being involved in a group and having peer support

Keep Learning –independent learning – coming up with their own creative solutions to issues that directly affect them; gain an appreciation of different ways of looking at the world; bringing ideas to life and adding excitement to their world

Be Active –expressing emotions helps their mental wellbeing; participating in activities that encourage movement

Take Notice – being more aware of what’s happening around them in their school, community and the wider world; exploring the past, present and future creatively

Be Creative and Play – participating in something for pleasure rather than external reward; wanting to do something for themselves and to have fun;  thinking creatively and testing out ideas to find new solutions; being able to use their imagination and dream

Our projects give young people:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Achievement
  • Confidence
  • Development of strengths, talents and interest
  • Increased aspirations
  • Self-respect
  • Sense of belonging


“Students from Don Valley Academy, Doncaster had this to say…”

“An eye opening and inspiring experience dealing with real life issues”

 “Completely supportive and encouraging artists to work with”

 “Deep exploration of important issues within adolescent society, which was made possible by their engaging sessions”

“Enriched students’ learning experiences with fresh realism – Jayne Manley, Horizon Community College, Barnsley”

‘Working with Creativity for Change and Wayne Sables has brought great benefits to the education of our students at Horizon Community College, particularly inspiring some of our more vulnerable students. As creative practitioners, they have definitely enriched students’ learning experiences with the fresh realism of their projects.  Many of these activities have been further enhanced through involving students as co-producers’  

“Here is what the students at Horizon Community College, Barnsley had to say…”

‘I have more confidence now and I’m not scared of talking to people’

‘Visiting the prison was a different experience.  It’s not like you see on TV.  Our film and our stories will help other people in our school which makes me feel really proud’

‘I’ve loved everything about this project.  Learning how to use film equipment, going out and interviewing people and visiting prisons. It will help me in the future.’