Self Employment


Mind Your Own Business – We are committed to supporting people to become economically active. We strongly believe, with the right support, anyone can create their own income through self-employment opportunities. This programme raises enterprise awareness and supports offenders, ex-offenders and those furthest away from the labour market to be more enterprising and ultimately set up in business as a means to maintain a crime-free lifestyle and become economically independent.

We work in prisons and in the community. Each programme is ten one-day workshops exploring the business idea, vision and values, business structure, marketing, finance and pitching and presenting. It provides safe space for exploration and testing. This process increases participant’s self-esteem and confidence and gives them transferable skills to use either in business or in employment. At the end of the programme participants present their ideas to key stakeholders. This helps embed their learning and tests out their business propositions on people outside of the programme. There is also post programme mentoring to support participants turn their idea into a reality.


“Will help reduce re-offending”

‘You should be able to carry on running this programme.  With the support after the programme and when we’ve been released I really think will help reduce re-offending.  We have something positive to do and someone to help us focus on’

“This programme different to others because the passion really stands out”

‘This programme was different from other training courses delivered in the prison because the passion of the deliverers really stands out.  You can tell they really love what they do and that makes it easier to learn’

“Quality delivery and intellectually challenging”

‘The quality of what was being delivered meant that it was intellectually challenging and the programme came together so well – first class’

“The support package afterwards is really important”

‘The support package afterwards is really important.  There’s a lot to deal with when we get out and it would be easy to just do nothing.  Having a mentor is scary but it will push us to make something happen, making us take responsibility.  This is something we don’t do in prison’

“It’s given me confidence – being self-employed is a great feeling”

‘I learnt something new every day and the information has stuck!’

‘It’s given me confidence and a new way to look at my future.  I’d never really thought I could be self-employed before this programme and it’s a great feeling’

“We feel like a family and will carry on meeting together”

‘We didn’t know each other before coming onto the programme.  It was hard at first as we’re all so different but we feel like a family now and we’re going to carry on meeting together once a week’

“It was great to use real film equipment – I’ve learnt so much”

It was great being able to use real film equipment and being trusted to handle it all.  I’ve learnt so much.  At the start I didn’t want to be in front of the camera but by the end I felt confident to talk in front of the camera.  I’ve learnt to work as a team and how important it is to be able to support each other’

“I really enjoyed the workshops – our opinions really mattered”

‘I really enjoyed the workshops.  It was fun and we were given the opportunity to create our own film.  We were treated like adults and that our opinions really mattered.  Now I’ve finished I want to go to college and learn about film and photography’

“This really helped me increase my confidence and communication skills”

‘The course has really helped me increase my confidence and communication skills.  It gave me something positive to do that was fun and I made new friends!  It was good to meet other people just like me’