Feedback is very important to us and we use it to constantly improve our delivery. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our partners, stakeholders and participants.


Voice and Influence

“Ownership and support”

‘I felt we had complete ownership of the project and were supported to be able to take control of the filming, interviews, sound and editing of the film.’

‘We made a film called the Hidden Disability – Living with Austim to highlight what it’s like living with Autism.  It was a great project and to top it off we were able to screen our film in the Vue Cinema!  There were 150 people that came to see it including the Mayor of Doncaster.  I felt very proud to have been a part of it.’


“The impact of making choices”

Choices was a film created with pupils from Horizon Community College who wanted to create a film that would highlight the impact of making bad choices from their own experience and those of others.


Transferable Skills Programmes

“Better at coping”

‘When I’m feeling anxious I have got better at coping – being able to take a moment to think about the things I have learnt’

“I feel more valued and it’s changed my way of thinking”

‘I feel more valued as a person. I’ve learnt that not all people judge me for the things I’ve done.  I’ve learnt I can be comfortable with women as well and that I can have a laugh without a drink.  It’s changed my way of thinking’

“I’ve accepted myself”

‘I’m smiling a lot more and have learnt about myself and to accept myself.  I really look forward to coming every week.  I feel I can talk to people in a group now and not be judged’

“I now have the tools to cope”

I felt like I didn’t matter and that I wasn’t good enough.  I felt awkward waiting for my daughter in the school playground – like other parents were judging me. I now have the tools to be able to cope with this and realise a lot of the feelings I have I created.  Being asked to set ourselves challenges throughout the course was really good.  It meant we could try out the tools we were learning and come back as a group and share how we dealt with those situations.  I’m sad it’s ended’

“Warm approach to learning and new found hope for employment”

‘I found myself overwhelmingly impressed with the delivery and format of the Training Programme itself, and the warm approach to learning. With this said I have not stopped telling friends and family about the wonderful opportunity Creativity for Change has given me. I am sending this email to say thank you to all involved for the new found hope for employment you have given me’



“Celebrating the Magna Carta”

Watch the performance the young people created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and hear first hand the feedback from participants about the project.


“It’s such a great experience to be this young and doing this”

Working with young people from Wigan Youth Zone and Wigan’s Museum of Life they created a pottery exhibition focussing on the history of making and manufacture in the Borough of Wigan, from the early pottery trade to the post industrial age.

‘It’s really mind blowing because it’s such a great experience to be this young and doing this’ – Jacob (Bob)
‘I never knew so much came from Wigan’ – Ben
‘I really enjoyed the pottery trip and and the experience that we had’ – Charlie
Heritage 8 Heritage 6 Heritage 7



“Students from Don Valley Academy, Doncaster had this to say…”

“An eye opening and inspiring experience dealing with real life issues”

 “Completely supportive and encouraging artists to work with”

 “Deep exploration of important issues within adolescent society, which was made possible by their engaging sessions”

“Enriched students’ learning experiences with fresh realism – Jayne Manley, Horizon Community College, Barnsley”

‘Working with Creativity for Change and Wayne Sables has brought great benefits to the education of our students at Horizon Community College, particularly inspiring some of our more vulnerable students. As creative practitioners, they have definitely enriched students’ learning experiences with the fresh realism of their projects.  Many of these activities have been further enhanced through involving students as co-producers’  

“Here is what the students at Horizon Community College, Barnsley had to say…”

‘I have more confidence now and I’m not scared of talking to people’

‘Visiting the prison was a different experience.  It’s not like you see on TV.  Our film and our stories will help other people in our school which makes me feel really proud’

‘I’ve loved everything about this project.  Learning how to use film equipment, going out and interviewing people and visiting prisons. It will help me in the future.’


Mind Your Own Business

“Will help reduce re-offending”

‘You should be able to carry on running this programme.  With the support after the programme and when we’ve been released I really think will help reduce re-offending.  We have something positive to do and someone to help us focus on’

“This programme different to others because the passion really stands out”

‘This programme was different from other training courses delivered in the prison because the passion of the deliverers really stands out.  You can tell they really love what they do and that makes it easier to learn’

“Quality delivery and intellectually challenging”

‘The quality of what was being delivered meant that it was intellectually challenging and the programme came together so well – first class’

“The support package afterwards is really important”

‘The support package afterwards is really important.  There’s a lot to deal with when we get out and it would be easy to just do nothing.  Having a mentor is scary but it will push us to make something happen, making us take responsibility.  This is something we don’t do in prison’

“It’s given me confidence – being self-employed is a great feeling”

‘I learnt something new every day and the information has stuck!’

‘It’s given me confidence and a new way to look at my future.  I’d never really thought I could be self-employed before this programme and it’s a great feeling’

“We feel like a family and will carry on meeting together”

‘We didn’t know each other before coming onto the programme.  It was hard at first as we’re all so different but we feel like a family now and we’re going to carry on meeting together once a week’

“It was great to use real film equipment – I’ve learnt so much”

It was great being able to use real film equipment and being trusted to handle it all.  I’ve learnt so much.  At the start I didn’t want to be in front of the camera but by the end I felt confident to talk in front of the camera.  I’ve learnt to work as a team and how important it is to be able to support each other’

“I really enjoyed the workshops – our opinions really mattered”

‘I really enjoyed the workshops.  It was fun and we were given the opportunity to create our own film.  We were treated like adults and that our opinions really mattered.  Now I’ve finished I want to go to college and learn about film and photography’

“This really helped me increase my confidence and communication skills”

‘The course has really helped me increase my confidence and communication skills.  It gave me something positive to do that was fun and I made new friends!  It was good to meet other people just like me’