Transferable Skills


Using film and theatre as a way to engage, we are able to support people to develop key transferable employability and life skills such as team work, communication, creative thinking and decision making, time management whilst at the same time increasing their confidence and self-esteem and raising their aspirations.


“Better at coping”

‘When I’m feeling anxious I have got better at coping – being able to take a moment to think about the things I have learnt’

“I feel more valued and it’s changed my way of thinking”

‘I feel more valued as a person. I’ve learnt that not all people judge me for the things I’ve done.  I’ve learnt I can be comfortable with women as well and that I can have a laugh without a drink.  It’s changed my way of thinking’

“I’ve accepted myself”

‘I’m smiling a lot more and have learnt about myself and to accept myself.  I really look forward to coming every week.  I feel I can talk to people in a group now and not be judged’

“I now have the tools to cope”

I felt like I didn’t matter and that I wasn’t good enough.  I felt awkward waiting for my daughter in the school playground – like other parents were judging me. I now have the tools to be able to cope with this and realise a lot of the feelings I have I created.  Being asked to set ourselves challenges throughout the course was really good.  It meant we could try out the tools we were learning and come back as a group and share how we dealt with those situations.  I’m sad it’s ended’

“Warm approach to learning and new found hope for employment”

‘I found myself overwhelmingly impressed with the delivery and format of the Training Programme itself, and the warm approach to learning. With this said I have not stopped telling friends and family about the wonderful opportunity Creativity for Change has given me. I am sending this email to say thank you to all involved for the new found hope for employment you have given me’