Voice and Influence


Working with different groups in society from LGBTQ, Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol Services, Offenders, Young People, Old People etc., we use film, photography, theatre and new media as a platform to help them have their voices heard about issues that really affect them.

All programmes are co-designed and bespoke to the groups we work with and we support them to share their projects on a wider platform to key stakeholders.



“Ownership and support”

‘I felt we had complete ownership of the project and were supported to be able to take control of the filming, interviews, sound and editing of the film.’

‘We made a film called the Hidden Disability – Living with Austim to highlight what it’s like living with Autism.  It was a great project and to top it off we were able to screen our film in the Vue Cinema!  There were 150 people that came to see it including the Mayor of Doncaster.  I felt very proud to have been a part of it.’


“The impact of making choices”

Choices was a film created with pupils from Horizon Community College who wanted to create a film that would highlight the impact of making bad choices from their own experience and those of others.